About us

About Us

Throughout our 18-year experience in dairy farming, and our eagerness to pursue latest farming technologies, we have acquired partnerships with world leading companies in the field. Milkys Solutions was founded as the trading arm of our group. Milkys Solutions is the farmer’s first choice when it comes to farming solutions. Whether you are initiating your first farm or upgrading your existing farm; Milkys Solutions offers you the widest possible range of products, and ongoing support to help you achieve your goals. Please go through our various products and services and we will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

Our Team

Milkys Solutions is led by a strongly devoted team of Experts in all dairy fields. Our Qualified team of; esteemed Leaders & Managers, skillful Veterinarians, experienced Engineers and committed Workers, are regularly working on themselves and striving hard to maintain our place and help us grow successfully. 

In Milkys Solutions, we are all equally aware of our roles to drive a successful business and a significant career, it takes more than effective workforce and diverse experience to remain on top, that is precisely why we make sure our team is fully developed and we all complete one another.
It is the teamwork harmony that develops our working efficiency and boosts energy which creates a fully bonded team at Milkys Solutions.