Want to Improve the Genetic Quality of your Herd?  
Want a Healthier, Highly Producing Cow with Outstanding Longevity?
Want to Increase Productivity and Efficiency of your Herd?
Then the answer is here! 

We present the best dairy and dual-purpose breeds; Holstein, Simmental and Brown Swiss to meet all farms needs and suit all requirements, boosting productivity both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We provide you with world-class Herdbook Registered German Heifers, brought to you by our German partner ZVE.

  • Holstein: Looking for the best dairy cow, Holstein is your aim … No 1 milk producing cow worldwide
  • Brown Swiss: Looking to raise your milk’s protein content, Brown Swiss will do it for you …. A dual purpose cow with the Highest protein content and great functionality. 
  • Simmental: You want both milk and beef …. Simmental the most balanced breed that is noted for featuring high daily weight gains and high meat yield. It is a modern dual-purpose cow with highest fertility performance in Egypt