Individual Feeder Systems

In an environment of overpriced TMR, Individual Feeding, in which each cow receives its own supplementary menu, based on its own needs of feed concentrates, resembles an excellent option to optimize feed consumption. 
This way, individual feeder systems, feature a brilliant way to increased production and a reduction in overall feed costs!
Our "Feed per Need" approach, enables automatic feed, calculated based on separate defined levels per cow; feeding to yield, body weight or stage of lactation.

Accurate Feed Intake = Higher Profit Results
Our System provides up to four different feed types, individually feeding concentrates per cow's needs.

Feed regimes Variations:
Fixed Feeding used when no other calculation is selected.
Target Feeding to increase/decrease feed in fixed steps over a number of days.
Feed curve to change feed allowances over a number of days using curves provided by the farmer.

By optimizing cows' feed per need, farms can increase milk production and lower feed expenses by 3-5%.