Semen & Embryos

Why Choose German Semen & Embryos ?

Germany was the first to introduce test-day-model worldwide! Germany was also first in evaluating all economically important functional traits. The German composition of Total Merit Index (RZG) set international standards for modern dairy cattle breeding!
Germany is the leading country in genomics and was the first to use trait different polygenic effects!
German Genetics have proven their outstanding qualities in performance, balanced breeding goal ( milk production with excellent components ), longevity & adaptation under a wide range of production conditions in all parts of the world to the best satisfaction of the breeders.

 The Quality of Our German Semen; Holstein, Red Holstein, Simmental ( Fleckvieh ) & Brown Swiss ( Braunvieh ) will guarantee the Profitability of your Cattle Production in the future!

We offer Top Genetic Embryos; the fastest solution to Genetically improve your Herd.

Now it is possible! We brought to you the most advanced technique by far for making flawless Calves; Embryo Transfer, the fastest and most advanced solution offered and guaranteed to Genetically improve your herd quick-as-thought!

The rapidity of the ‘Embryo Transfer’ operation enables you to uplift the herd right away and boost a greater number of genetically improved calves, born on your herd that will assure genetic progress.
Our embryos possess Top Genetics, from World-Ranked Bulls & Superior Genetic Cows.
Through our progressive technique; Embryo transfer, we can help you in overcoming several fertility obstacles.