Dairy Ventilation

Dairy Cows require a source of contsant fresh air to maintain their good health, performance and production and most importantly to avoid heat stress and fertility problems. Unventilated housings as well as poorly ventilated structure have a very harmful impact on your herd's health and their production as well. Heat Stress is a serious effect caused by lack of cooling and fresh air circulation and it terribly affects cows' milk production and leads to several fertility obstacles, which could all be avoided and often defeated through proper ventilation. Ventilation also, remarkably reduces the percentage of disease transmission between your dairy cows.

Many studies have proven that the value and importance of providing a comfortable environment for the high producing dairy cows, is demonstrated by the expanding use of air circulation and other cooling methods. 

Since we realized the paramount importance of proper ventilation, we have brought to you our American Partner; ACME

ACME Fans; supplier of top quality ventilation systems and fans, manufactured efficiently in America with highest specs for your dairy.

Careful air circulation system design
Selection of efficient fan blade design
Use of high efficiency motors to power fans

Provides :
Tunnel Ventilation Fans and Cross Ventilation .