Farming Solutions


While breeding programs may vary from farm to farm, the causes of reduced fertility – and subsequent losses – remain the same. To maintain top fertility performance and farm profitability, we help boost fertility, improve heat detection and implement the latest SOPs, which suit best your operation.

Dairy cows, especially high producing ones, are particularly susceptible to stress problems. To maintain their wellbeing, high quality milk production and reproductive function, farmers must ensure the best environmental conditions.
We help improve cow comfort through detecting changes in cow resting patterns. Whether it is crowded animals, bad bedding or health issues affecting cow’s rest patterns, we detect and solve the issue early enough before affecting your herd’s performance. 

Dairy industry should always maintain a delicate balance between high quality feed for maximized production and the economic implications of this feed. This is especially true in today's environment of high feed costs.
Controlling and balancing economic feed consumption of dairy herds is a key factor in farm profitability. 
Our team of experts helps you find the most suitable rations for your herd from ingredients that are available to you. 
We have solutions to detect and monitor metabolic problems which if left untreated can induce great losses to any dairy herd.                                                                                                                                                  

On dairy farms, increasing herd size, industrialization and mass production has led to a shortage in trained and professional personnel.
Managing a dairy farm involves daily tasks and procedures that demand great skills and precision. For example, identifying cows that need attention, approaching and treating these animals and reporting treatment events are all labor-intensive tasks.

Our Herd Managing Solutions will guarantee you an increase in productivity through:

  •  Automated monitoring systems providing information that enables precise and immediate decision-making which reduces your dependency on labor to monitor cow health.  Automatic sorting for animals according to their needs whether treatment or care which saves labor and time.
    Fresh water intake for dairy and beef Herds and eliminate the need for labor to clean water troughs. Farm managers must precisely calculate future milk production. They must gauge how many heifers/cows to buy or pregnant heifers to sell, without interfering with the projected production scheme.
    Advanced calculation based on herd history (previous lactations), current yields of each animal and expected calvings allow farmers to adjust herd distribution to required production. This application supports accurate culling policies, sales of young stock and importing new lactating cows.
    Failure to comply with projected milk production is like not harvesting a crop: both represent missed opportunities.

Early detection – changes in cow’s milk production and quality, behavior and body condition are the earliest indicators of illness
Early treatment – early detection enables early treatment, which reduces the duration of a disease and need for medicine
Health alert through powerful detection methods operating 24/7 point out every cow in need of attention, Automatic data collection is the only feasible way of identifying the health problems of individual cows and keep you on top of your herds problems. 
Cow Health is a key factor in dairy herd sustainability and profitability. Maintaining your Cows health is must to provide high quality milk and superior reproductive performance.
As high-production cows are particularly susceptible to disease. Mastitis, ketosis, calving problems, lameness and other disorders reduce production and demand costly veterinary treatment and are the main causes of culling in high producing herds
Ultimately, animal illness leads to financial losses that can transform a profitable dairy farm to a losing enterprise. Thus, to remain profitable, dairy farms must ensure the prevention, early detection and treatment of sick cows.
Our Heath monitoring solutions will provide:-
Management by exception – Our Management program and sensors, identify deviations from acceptable performance, and directs the herdsman to any cow that requires special attention.