Farm Designs

We offer a design concept of dairy facilities, providing custom planning, whether all new or remodel/expansion. We are happily giving you the opportunity to take advantage of our provided; extensive experiences which are individually customized to meet your dairy needs.

A set of innovative ideas that will put your dairy business on the right track, is guaranteed. Whether you are initiating or updating/renovating your existing dairy, we will certainly back you with the effectual plan.

If you want more detailed and structural design we proudly providing the service through our US partner who has over 30 years of experience and more than 1000 dairies designed; ( Five-G, Dairy Engineering )

Covering a wide range including:

· Site selection
· Long-range master planning
· Plan development
· Engineered construction plans
· Waste management
· Parlor planning
· Housing design
· New construction
· Remodel/expansion