Farm Management Support

After you have installed the Farm Management Program at your Dairy Farm, now we provide you with maximum support, to boost your outcome out of the program installed. 

Firstly, after your consent is granted, we access your system installed, in order to review the performance of your cattle herd inside milking parlours. Next, we gather the data produced by the system, study and analyze the provided data, setting our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and eventually support you with a quarterly analytical report, which will enhance your management and assist you in your decision making.

Both, the Farm Management Program as well as its reports, shall help you monitor your herd accurately no matter how big your herd is, not only their performance during the milking process, but your herd's behavior throughout the day. They are observed carefully, each cow on its own. Additionally it simplifies your culling process and makes it precise.

Not only does it help you monitor your herd's performance, but also the performance of your staff in charge. You can easily check if all duties appointed to individuals are being accomplished on time. Therefore, our Farm Management Support is guaranteed to remarkably raise your dairy business.