About us

Our Farm

Milky’s Farm is a Mega farm located at Al Noubaria area in Egypt with size of 100 acres, with a herd of more than 3,700 cows, of the Top German Dairy Breeds; Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Simmental heifers. Our rolling milk average is of 11000 litres/305days.

We, at Milky’s, provide the finest Milk , carefully produced, with close attention to every detail, ensuring highest quality. Each process in the farm is accomplished according to world standards & under the supervision of our experienced dairy experts.

Milky’s Farm is a model farm that is managed according to the best modern practices in the world.  We implement latest acknowledged technologies that help us run our farm with maximum efficiency.

At Milky’s, we strongly believe that a happy cow is a productive cow; hence we provide our herd with ideal conditions that help them lead a happy, long, productive life, making Milky’s a devoted place which produces with passion