Farm Management Program

Dairy Farming is becoming an increasingly complex and sophisticated business. The needs to have accurate, up to date information on which to base Herd and business decisions are essential. It is impossible to satisfy all these demands from manual records.

It's all about the right choices, isn't it? When it comes to effective decision-making in regard to Milk Production, components, animal behavior, health conditions, parlor equipment and nutrition, every piece of data counts. Afimilk provides the most comprehensive and accurate real-time view of the Herd, covering all essential aspects of dairy farm management.

Afifarm is a herd management solution for dairies of any size. Afimilk sensors collect crucial data, which the system calculates, analyzes and orders. These operations, together with offered solution sets, assure that dairy managers make the best possible decisions. Afifarm has become indispensable to every successful dairy manager.

Our Crystal System features automatic animal observation by reliable and accurate sensors which measure yield, conductivity, temperature, blood, and animal weight and feed intake. It additionally, provides analysis and combining of all sensor information with animal agenda and treatment events based on user defined parameters. Moreover, automatic animal handling, depending on conditions set eg. divert animals or milk, adapt feed or milking treatments. Easy to use attention lists that show relevant information at an early stage. Actions can be entered directly into the system
to combat problems immediately. All information are linked to other stakeholders via the internet.