Milking and Cooling Equipment

We do not only speak out of a business perspective, we speak out of experience!

We have faced all dairy farming and milking obstacles. We understand your concerns and your eagerness to improve your milk production and produce quality milk. We are here to deliver the best in the Milking and Cooling Business.

Our British Milking and Cooling Equipment manufacturer Fullwood is the world’s leading manufacturer, designer and supplier of solid and robust milking equipment that are suitable for all farm sizes. Resulting in benefits, such as; low running costs due to to long life & low maintenance requirements, milking large numbers of groups of cows promptly, guaranteed safety of animal, product & operator, reduced milking time, maintained hygiene and quiet, stress-free milking environment for the cow.
All Fullwood’s products are produced in their own factories in Britain and Belgium, according to ISO Standards.

Products include:

Rotary Milking Parlour
Herringbone Milking Parlour
Parallel Milking Parlour
Goat and Sheep Parlours
Camel Parlour
Buffalo Parlour
Herd Management Software
( Crystal )