Expected Benefits of Modern Ventilated Barns

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Expected Benefits of Modern Ventilated Barns


1- Higher production of cows in winter due to constant good weather conditions. In rainy days. 

2- Higher production in Summer due to cooling of barn 

3- Total estimate Milk improvement would be around 1000 liters per cow. 

4- Reduced heat stress leading to better Heath status in Summer with less medication and loses. 

5- Improved fertility during summer months that will lead to more calves being born per year. 

6- Less mastitis as cows are more clean with favorable conditions 

7- Less lameness as floor is always clean  

8- Reduced costs of machines and tractors for cleaning needs 

9- Better managment as barn is controlled by cameras , weather station and Mangment program online antenna to transmit data every 15 minutes. 

10- Cost effective structure with reduced land requirements to the cow from 45 meters to 13 meters , saving valuable land .